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Fresh Mash Line

The most versatile processing line worldwide for formed mash potato products

Fresh Mash Lines

Idaho Steel is active worldwide in designing, producing and installing complete processing lines, factory upgrades and individual machines for potato specialties. With over 100 years of knowledge and experience in the field of processing potatoes into specialty products made out of mashed potato, Idaho Steel, together with its global partners Kiremko and Reyco Systems, provide you with industry leading know-how that goes far beyond simply specifying the necessary equipment.

Fresh Mash potato specialties have been around for decades. The basis of these products typically being cooked potato, mixed with specific ingredients, and packaged in different forms for retail and restaurant wholesale. Many kinds of ingredients may be introduced into the potato mixture for added flavor.

The Process

Idaho Steel can also customize the processing line for mixed products involving other main components such as vegetables and cheese. In the potato processing industry, a mashed  potato product line can be a stand-alone unit or an addition to a french fry plant. In the latter case, rejected and off-sized potatoes from the french fry line are used to create a high-quality mashed product and through this, improve the overall yield of the potato processing facility. 

To make mashed potatoes, the raw product is reduced in size, cooked in a steam cooker, after which it can be processed into mashed potatoes. Using the application of steam, the cooking process is realized evenly and optimally. The steam cooker is one of the most versatile and time tested components in the mash potato line and provides high volume and an even cook for a high-quality finished product.

The Application

Process control, data-collection and self-managing functionalities in processing lines are of increasing importance. All lines can be delivered with SCADA systems for automatic control, continuous process monitoring and data recording.

The System