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Hydro Cutter

The QuadraFlow hydro cutter combines excellent cutting results for French fries, slices and wedges, while guaranteeing optimum user-friendliness.

FAM Tridis 240P

The FAM Tridis™ 240p is a new generation of tridimensional dicers designed by FAM. A wide variety of cutting tools make slicing, strip cutting and dicing possible with only one machine.


A Standard Slabber is used to size potatoes for processing. By slicing the whole potato, blanching time and product waste are reduced. A more even product cook is achieved.


The shredder reduces the size of the incoming product. The size of the shred influences the outlook and texture of the product. The Nex-Shred uses a wide range of different shredding plates to make very fine (almost mash) shreds up to large potato shreds.