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Strata Invicta

The STRATA Invicta® steam peeler sets the new standard in steam peeling systems, offering the highest yield at the shortest possible cycle times. It peels potatoes thinner than any machine, removing only the skin with a minimum of cooking ring.

Dry Brush Machine

The dry brush machine will remove the peel after the steam peeling process. Rotating brushes will make sure the peeled potato remains smooth, while the peel remnants are removed.

Peel Guard

The PeelGuard® is an optical measuring and weighing device to detect residual peels and green or black spots and control your steam peeler.

After Washer

The After Washer prepares potatoes and other like products for further processing following the steam peeler. The rotating drum is a single axis, direct drive design to avoid slippage during rotation. Wash time and water usage can be adjusted and during wash, spray nozzles dispense a controlled flow of fresh or recycled water.