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More than 100 Years of Excellence

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About Idaho Steel

Idaho Steel began in 1918 as a small fabrication shop in downtown Idaho Falls, Idaho and has been transformed over its 100-year history into a leader in the potato processing equipment industry. Now, an internationally recognized expert in stainless steel fabrication and machining of food processing equipment, Idaho Steel serves customers around the world with its state-of-the-art machines including the largest drum dryers ever created. We credit our success to the talented people on our diverse team of professionals including engineers, machinists, and welders.

Family is an important word to our company. In 1991, Lynn Bradshaw bought Idaho Steel and in 2008, sold it to his sons Delynn and Alan, and his son-in-law, Davis Christensen. The family atmosphere of our culture is due not only to ownership ties that have spanned generations, but because we consider our employees and customers family, too.


Through dedication to the highest quality, safety, and solid craftsmanship, we create an environment that inspires loyalty and innovation. With gratitude for our past, we will always serve our industry with pride and integrity. By investing in our people, with their families in mind, we continually improve our products and processes to exceed the expectations of every customer.


Be the premier supplier of potato processing equipment to the world.


Be honest with strong moral principles;

Offer superior products;

Provide excellence in all interactions;

Develop and apply new technology;

Dedication to team and customers;

Lifting the Team toward their highest potential

A Century of Excellence

100 years of innovation at Idaho Steel is worth celebrating!

We invited our customers, employees, and partners to celebrate this significant milestone during a joyous weekend of fun in June 2018. The festivities began on the first day with an official tour of Idaho Steel and an all-day extravaganza of the best food southeast Idaho has to offer including a “street fair” style lunch provided by local vendors and a dinner from local favorite, Jaker’s. The evening concluded with a concert from musical sensation Alex Boyé! The final day of celebration ended by entertaining our customers and partners with different regional adventures and a formal party hosted by the Hilton Garden Inn.

We are extremely grateful that so many of the Idaho Steel family joined us for this momentous occasion!

Strategic Partners

Idaho Steel would not be the success it is without its strategic partners who combined, help our organization succeed on the world stage.

Founded in 1965, Kiremko B.V. is a Dutch engineering company focused on potato processing manufacturing.

Kiremko is a well-known presence in the international marketplace and has offices in the Netherlands, Russia, India, China, and additional personnel representing their company worldwide.

Reyco Systems provides oil and moisture recovery, along with food and waste conveying. Also offering UVC decontamination systems to food processors worldwide.

Located in Caldwell, Idaho, as of early 2019, Reyco waste systems are a mainstay in over 80% of the major fresh-cut fruit and vegetable plants worldwide.

Idaho Steel Products also has working relationships with Tolsma, GEA, Packo, and Cornell Pumps.

The Tri-Brand

These crucial partnerships benefit our customers by providing more efficiencies, the latest technology, and a hands-on approach to the creation, installation, and maintenance of our equipment.

With Kiremko’s technological leadership in frying and peeling, combined with Idaho Steel’s innovation in forming and flake production, an ideal symbiotic relationship began. For more than 25 years, Idaho Steel has represented Kiremko products in the Western Hemisphere and Kiremko has represented Idaho Steel to the East. The long-standing partnership between Kiremko and Idaho Steel has allowed Idaho Steel to touch potato processing on all continents potatoes are grown.

Reyco Systems has been a leader in food processing technology, providing solutions in oil and moisture removal, product and waste conveying, and UVC decontamination systems. With its commitment to the food industry, Reyco Systems brings innovation and superior components to the potato processing industry and supports Idaho Steel Products' full processing lines.