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Meeting the changing needs of our customers

Support, Installation, Spares


There are many ways to ensure your potato processing equipment operation is smooth and efficient all year long. Keeping the equipment in good working order is a top priority. Partnering with the Support Team of Idaho Steel can increase the equipment’s longevity and product output. Our team can create Audit Timelines, prepare preventative maintenance programs and are there when the unexpected repair work needs to be done.

Engineering and Design

Using the latest tools in design and extensive industry experience, our Engineering and Project Management Team design equipment and process lines that fit the needs of our customers in an innovative and everchanging industry.

Our substantial Engineering Team focuses on both the long-term standard for equipment and specific project requirements.
Our Project Management Team is dedicated to each project from start to start up. Beginning with the end in mind, our project group develops the plans and delivers on commitments.


Idaho Steel Products offers a complete machining and fabrication shop. Utilizing LEAN manufacturing, both disciplines offer state of the art capabilities. We continue to grow our workforce both in numbers and skill. Implementing 3D printing technology, multi-axis mills, and advanced welding techniques, brings Idaho Steel to the forefront of the manufacturing industry.


Experienced supervisors and workforce allow us to be competitive, and efficient with all installation projects. With years of on job training and an understanding of the processing equipment, our installation specialists are more than qualified to help you get your equipment set up correctly.


Whether you customize a turnkey solution from Idaho Steel, or you are upgrading to equipment only produced by Idaho Steel, we can integrate the entire system. We will not only mechanically integrate the processing line, but program the automations that connect each piece of equipment so you run a quality, efficient line.


A complete parts and shipping department allows us to provide our customers with replacement parts when needed. After installation, Idaho Steel Products will be here to make sure that operation continues smoothly. Experienced personnel can aid in the design and selection for specific machinery and will schedule and equipment/line assessment to help you better prepare for overall health or your machinery. Providing parts, specifically designed for use on your machines can reduce repair costs, improve service times and increase savings.

Drum Dryer Resurfacing

With multiple, onsite Drum Dryer Services, we will be happy to get you back to full production within only a few hours. Idaho Steel can provide new life and added production to your drum dryers whether your service is planned or you have an emergency need.

Profile grinding requires precise equipment and experienced technicians. With more horsepower and a more stable base we can remove stock more accurately and faster than any other machine today. Our advanced contact wheel design, custom belts and true tangential grinding will also help reduce your down time.

Today the application of a full face coating to a drum dryer is done with sophisticated coating equipment, and ground to an excellent flake making surface in about 1/2 the time of only a few years ago.

Our faster grinding and spray equipment means quicker turnaround times to get you running faster.

So if your dryer surface causes frequent grinds, sheet defects, or it just needs revitalization we can provide you with some great options. We even provide coatings for new dryers.

Dryer edge wear can be very costly to production and to maintenance budgets.

We can apply a wear resistant coating to the edges of any drum dryer to help reduce that edge wear.

This application adds only a few hours to the timeline of one of our standard grinds.

Don’t remove precious dryer shell thickness through repeated grinds and apply an edge coating.

For smaller dryers and roll defects, ISP offers spot repair also where applicable.

Thermally sprayed spot repairs are used to mend dryer defects such as corrosion, mechanical damage, doctor chop, or porosity that affect sheet quality.

For more information regarding Full Dryer Inspections, Evaluations and Diagnostics, please contact the Service Department at

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