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Idaho Steel's Epic Day at the 2nd Annual Team Kickback!

What could be better than a sunny day, a team bonding event, and a delicious outdoor feast? The Idaho Steel Team participated in the highly anticipated 2nd Annual Team Kickback, and it was a day filled with laughter, friendly competition, mouthwatering food, and exciting raffle prizes. Let's dive into the details of this memorable event and see how the team came together for an unforgettable lunchtime experience.

Uniting Through Fun and Games

The Idaho Steel Team kickstarted the event by engaging in various lawn games. From cornhole to ladder golf, the team members displayed their competitive spirits, showcasing their skills and enjoying some friendly rivalry. Laughter filled the air as coworkers bonded and formed deeper connections outside the usual work environment.

Grilling Delights by the Directors

No outdoor gathering is complete without the aroma of sizzling hot dogs and juicy hamburgers wafting through the air. The Directors took charge of the grill, donning their aprons and showcasing their culinary talents. As the meat was cooked to perfection, the tantalizing scents made everyone's mouths water, building anticipation for the feast ahead.

Alan Bradshaw's Famous French Fries

While the directors charmed everyone with their grilling skills, Owner Alan Bradshaw took charge of a different treat: French fries. Armed with his trusty fryer, Alan and Danny George created crispy, golden fries that were the perfect accompaniment to the juicy burgers and hot dogs. The Idaho Steel Team savored each bite.

Raffle Prizes to Ignite Excitement

To add to the excitement, the Team Kickback featured an amazing raffle with fantastic prizes. Lucky team members had the opportunity to win Idaho Falls Chukars Baseball caps and tickets, a family pizza night gift pack, Brand New Logo cornhole boards, and the grand prize—a stainless steel logoed fire pit designed and manufactured by the talented members of the Idaho Steel Team. The raffle generated a buzz of anticipation, and the winners walked away with big smiles and unforgettable prizes.

Perfect Weather and Camaraderie

As the sun shone brightly, the weather gods smiled upon the Idaho Steel Team, blessing them with ideal conditions for their outdoor event. With blue skies overhead and a gentle breeze in the air, the team reveled in each other's company and enjoyed a long lunchtime together. This gathering fostered a sense of camaraderie and teamwork that would undoubtedly carry over into the workplace, strengthening the bonds between colleagues.

The 2nd Annual Team Kickback organized by the Idaho Steel - Idaho Falls Team was a resounding success, bringing team members closer together and creating lasting memories. The combination of lawn games, delectable grilled food, freshly fried French fries, exciting raffle prizes, and perfect weather made for an unforgettable experience. This event not only allowed the team to relax and unwind but also reinforced the importance of teamwork and collaboration. The Idaho Steel Team can look back on this day with fondness, knowing that their collective spirit and dedication to a harmonious work environment made the event truly exceptional.

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