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Honoring Our Past, Celebrating Their Future

We are kicking off a string of retirements here at Idaho Steel. As we prepare for all the hoopla, the emotional nostalgic feelings are beginning to set in. Our long-time friends, not working here with us every day, will leave a hole.

Although we have been preparing, in the next month, we will be losing a cumulative 153 years of Idaho Steel Products experience. By the end of this year, (as far as is planned), we’ll add another 78 years to that total. We are so happy for our friends who will enjoy their much-earned retirement, but we can’t help but think of how things will be different without them – and how we will miss them.

As prevalent as the ‘Great Resignation’ has been to many, it is the loss of institutional knowledge due to retirements, that could have been troubling to a Legacy Company like ours. Planning for the next 100 years is very important for the progress of Idaho Steel, so we may provide the highest level of service to our clients and future business partners.

Implementing training programs, investing in students, and recruiting talent for all facets of our business, are steps we consistently take to maintain our reputation as the premier supplier of potato processing equipment to the world.

We have a history of loyalty, integrity, and trust, so our Team has trusted us with their career, past and future. We are honored to have been a part of their journey. The knowledge and experience we have here at Idaho Steel is invaluable and rare. We are so grateful for our amazing team.

We encourage you to take a second and think about the people you work with every day. Let them know how much you appreciate them. We certainly will.

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