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Honoring a Legacy: Davis Christensen Retires from Idaho Steel Products and Reyco Systems

Honoring a Legacy: Davis Christensen Retires from Idaho Steel Products and Reyco Systems


After decades of dedicated service and unparalleled contributions to the potato processing industry, Davis Christensen, esteemed co-owner of Idaho Steel Products and Reyco Systems, has announced his retirement. A native of Idaho, Christensen's journey in the world of potato processing equipment is deeply rooted in his family's legacy of potato farming. Transitioning his career, he became a pivotal figure in sales and marketing at Idaho Steel Products, driving growth and establishing strong customer relationships.


"Davis's impact on our companies and the potato processing industry at large cannot be overstated," remarked Alan Bradshaw, General Manager and Co-Owner at Idaho Steel Products and Reyco Systems. "His relentless pursuit of excellence and understanding of our customers' needs have set a standard of quality and service that will endure for years to come. Our Co-Owner, Delynn Bradshaw, and I are grateful for his contributions."


Throughout his career, Christensen's passion for advancing potato processing equipment earned him respect and admiration. His leadership fostered enduring industry relationships. While retiring from day-to-day operations, Christensen will continue to serve on the Board of Directors, guiding the companies into the future.


The legacy of dedication and innovation continues with the addition of his son, Jon Christensen, to the ownership group. With over 12 years of experience at Idaho Steel Products, Jon's recent appointment as Vice President of Sales and Marketing reflects his exceptional leadership and commitment to growth. Davis Christensen expresses profound honor and pride in passing the torch to his son, ensuring the family's rich tradition within the business perseveres.


As Davis embarks on this new chapter, he carries with him the well-wishes and gratitude of Idaho Steel Products, Reyco Systems, and strategic partner Kiremko. The entire community extends sincerest thanks for his years of dedicated service and wishes him happiness, good health, and boundless joy in his future endeavors.

Christensen's retirement marks not an end, but a continuation of a legacy built on integrity, innovation, and familial dedication within the potato processing industry.


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