Nex-Gem Rotary Former


The Idaho Steel Products Nex-Gem Rotary Former is truly the ‘what’s next’ in the processing industry. It uses state of the art controls, product change out, and automated Wash-in-Place (WIP). These features of the Nex-Gem+ Rotary Former give you the leading edge and a better end product.


  • Quick Change Inserts

  • One Touch Product Setup

  • Fully Enclosed Unibody

  • Automatic Programmable Logic Control Adjustments

  • On the Fly Weight Adjustments

  • 24″ Head with 8 rows

  • Uniform Product Weights

  • Operation Intelligence

  • Automated Wash-In-Place

  • Increased Capacity

  • Long Life CAM Bearings

  • Servo Driven Product Thickness

Pure ImagiNex-Gem+