The cooking process used in our single and twin auger cookers consists of boiling the product by using steam. This cooking process enables the product to be cooked evenly.

The steam is injected into a vessel where the condensation is systematically discharged, ensuring a dry and optimally cooked product.


Drying is very important. This process consists of taking a liquid and turning it into a dry powder or flake, depending on the desired result. Before the product is cooked, it should be properly dried. Properly drying will raise the quality of the end result, resulting in a crispier end product. Our drum dryer uses steam heating in its drying process to evenly distribute the temperature over the dryer. This results in a consistent product quality.


Potatoes, as well as many other fruits and vegetables, are increasingly being used as raw materials for differently formed products.

Forming is a complicated process, resulting in a highly vulnerable end product. Moreover, a producer needs to be able to quickly switch between different forms. A highly vulnerable product combined with the lack of ability to switch between forms can have a significant effect on the production and output of your product. The Nex Gem Rotary Former helps to take care of both of these issues.

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The peeling process is the process of removing the peel from the vegetable or fruit. Through precision of temperature and an accurate peeling depth our machines provide an optimum peel. The less peel that is removed, the higher the yield of your process.


Correct blanching of your cut product will ensure optimum further preparation. The crispness after frying, the shelf life after packaging, as well as the color and firmness of the end product are influenced by the blanching process.

Idaho Steel Products design and manufactures screw type Preheaters, Blanchers, and Coolers for the food industry. Years of experience coupled with high quality make these components the industry leader.


The washing process is not complicated but it is very important in determining the success of further processes. Washing involves natural laws such as floating power and specific gravity.