Kiremko builds state-of-the-art French fries line

The line incorporates a number of new developments. The newest steam peeler will be tested at full capacity before it will be released into the market. The line will also be equipped with a PeelGuard® to control the new steam peeler, minimize peel losses and monitor the peel performance.

The line has six QuadraFlow hydro cutting systems with the new model VPCK product pumps which were introduced to the market last October. In the reject flow of the optical sorters a free fall optical sorter, TriPlus®, is installed. This sorter eliminates the good sticks from the bad and increases the total yield of the French fries line.

For full control of the drying process the drying section will be equipped with our new DryGuard, an innovative system for online control of the dryer. The EcoMiser™ installed after the fryer will reduce the frying oil consumption of the French fries line in a sustainable way.  It will also minimize the oil pollution in the freezer and the packaging department.

The whole line is equipped with energy recovery and pollution control. The recovered energy is re-used in the process and lowers the total energy consumption of the line.

Making use of all these innovations the line become a prestigious customized project.