Idaho Steel Employees 2015

Our Company Mission

Idaho Steel has been in business since 1918. In that time we have learned that the people that work here are the company’s greatest asset. Through the years custom craftsmen have built and installed state of the art processing equipment in food processing factories all over the world. It is not uncommon to find Idaho Steel equipment in operation manufactured in the 1960’s. This commitment to heavy duty solid manufacturing continues today in everything we do. Our goal is to be the premier supplier of potato processing equipment to the world.

Our Philosophy

We respect the uniqueness of every individual and believe that such an attitude will build a team of confident, creative members possessing a high degree of initiative, self-respect and self-discipline. We believe in not accepting the status quo; in constant improvement and in the value of ongoing education in any form. We believe in providing opportunity for personal, professional, and organizational growth within our company. Close mutual support of one another is a fundamental tenent of ours. Our aim is to provide an atmosphere that encourages employee teamwork, integrity and excellence. Through these values and beliefs we are better able to be of service to our customers.

Our Strategic Partners

Constant innovation allows Kiremko to raise the standard. In this way they closely study each food-processing procedure, in order to develop and produce machines that are not only more powerful and efficient, but also low- maintenance and more water and energy efficient, without sacrificing the quality of the end product. That is what Kiremko’s quality is all about.


Reyco Widget

Reyco Systems is a leader in innovative food processing technology, providing oil and moisture removal, food and waste conveying, and UVC decontamination systems to food processors worldwide.